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fcp-frontartboard-1 Single Phase Tubular Motor Fire Control

Sngle Phase Tubular Motor Fire Control Panel

Repeater Panel

Audible Alarm

Flashing LED lights

Both these signals are generated in response to the receipt of a fire signal.

Delays and Timed Operation

Introduce 'timed' delays before operation Pre-warning alarm and flashing lights.

Run and pause times - variable

Normally open or closed input from a fire alarm.

Volt free signal from fire alarm to open or close a shutter.

Simple Daily Control

Day to day operation through a hard-wired switch with connection possibilities for a photocell

Technical Support & Training

Our technical department can offer you full training on the fire control panel including set up, and fault diagnostics

SF01 Fire Control Panel
fcp-inside Single Phase Tubular Motor Fire Control
Features of SF01